Friday, September 21, 2012

The new years starts in September.

Oky, so it seems that I am going to be mostly a monthly blogger. Although I would like to post more (and maybe I'll be able to get on more of a spurt soon) I seem to resign to posting at least once a month.

That being said the past month has been pretty good.

I am a big believer in the year starting in September. Maybe it's because with school that was how you counted the year (based on start and finish) but it really does seem to be true. I tend to start my biggest projects in September, it's like a fresh start and everything's a go!

The end of August went out with a Bang.... With the accumulation of my excitement for Fan Expo we had a total BLAST!!!

Here's a pic of me (I'm Wolvey) and the lovely ladies at the Expo.

I'm hoping to have a bigger post done with more pictures soon being I have quite a few on my camera.

Other new thing... I'm starting to work out. I'm a total slacker at times (I'm terrible at homework) but all in all I'm doing fairly well. Hopefully by next year I'll have the muscle tone to pull off more comic looks a bit sharper. Heck, I already have a list of things I want to build for next year (including some friends costumes).

I have actually started setting up my art room... WOOT!! So far I have my new computer (which I have to actually turn on sometime) and a few shelves. Still need some ideas for my insanity of art supplies, but that will come in time.

So until next time... which hopefully will consist of a bunch of pics....
Keep Creating!