Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Geeking Out with Anticipation...

So Halloween is over and I totally flaked out and didn't do much.

Me, Monkey and My husband!
 We went out and dressed up (kinda) and even took a monkey to her first trick or treating. But other than that we didn't do too much.
Violet and Daddy Trick or Treating at the Mall.
 We also had a lovely dinner out on Monday (Oct 29th) for our 2 year anniversary. Violet accidentally (and Daddy didn't notice) wore home a daycare dress and refused to take it off so we let her wear it out. Some things are just not worth fighting.... and it wasn't like she wasn't looking adorable!

So now that we are done the extravaganza of Halloween... and I'm still dreading the shopping involved with Christmas... I've decided to start preparing for the Awesomeness that is Fan Expo next year. (Yes I know it's in August but you have to start early if you are making costumes.... and it's fun... so pffftttt :P  )

I have decided so far to make 2 Costumes... possibly 3. We have Thursday evening (which I may not dress up for), Friday all day, Saturday all day, and possibly Sunday.

For Friday or Saturday (we haven't solidified which day we are planning on the group costume) my friends and I are planning on being Evil Disney Princesses. We are going to loosely (being I am altering mine quite a bit) on the images by Jeff Thomas. I am planning on being Evil Snow White.... but instead of having Rabid Dwarves as seen below....

I am planning on making shrunken Dwarf heads to hang on my belt... I know, twisted right? (I will post my progress on those once they get started) I'm also planning on gothing the outfit a little more. I'll post sketches once I figure out exactly what and how I want it too look... I'm still having the debate whether to wear a corset or just a fitted shirt... Decisions, Decisions!

I have been planning on two other outfits... My opinion on Cosplay is if you wear a fancy and maybe uncomfortable costume one day you need the next days to be more comfortable.

One option is Kotoko... I have semi dressed like her in a past halloween but I plan on doing more exact a job this time. If I wear this it will probably be on the Sunday being it would be comfortable to drive home in it...
Kotoko from Chobits
The other option, which will probably be a definite go for on the Saturday or Friday we aren't doing the Princesses is Tira from Soul Calibur 5...

I'm hoping to figure out how to make the weapon, I think a hula hoop but I'm not totally sure... may have to google that. (Unless anyone else has some ideas they can send me) She's a little skimpier than I usually go but I figure I can make it slightly (as in not using a string across the nipples) more appropriate. But she's my favorite character for Soul Calibur and this would be the second incarnation of her I'll be trying, last time was good but hopefully this time will be AWESOME.

Now I need to get my pencil and sketch pad out and start figuring out the costumes so that I can buy material and build the things I need (and do them better than the half a$$ I usually manage for Halloween with running out of time).

I would love to here if you have other suggestions, or what you may be being... or if you are coming to Fan Expo if you would like to join us in a mass Evil Disney Princess Cosplay let me know (ATM we have Snow White, Sleeping Beauty and Wendy).

Until Next Time
Keep Creating!