Wednesday, November 13, 2013


So life's been a little nuts!

It's been a year since I've last posted and there are a lot of good reasons... a job, a new life, a move and insanity LOL.

We have welcomed a new baby into our family on August 29th. Her name is Ivy and my oldest (now 2 and a half) is a big sister.

Photo done by my awesome friend Joy :)
So I've put a lot of my crafts, art and work on hold... but that will all be changing in the new year. We are getting into full swing on costume creation for Fan Expo in August. I have 4 costumes plus my own to make... 3 for friends and my husband... I may have others added to the list.

In the year of searching for what I want to do in my life my husband has suggested me taking a fashion course. So we are going on Saturday to look at the facilities for the Fashion Design course at Fanshaw College.

Being we have recently moved I am now a lot closer to London Ontario so going there is no biggy on the traveling.

So welcome back if you just came back due to this post.
And I hope that the past year has been awesomely amazing for all of you.

I am hoping that this is a start of something amazing, and that I'll actually keep posting.
Your comments and stories would be awesome motivation for me to continue, being I've realized I need a community to keep me positive.

Thanks for being Awesome!