This page is a quick link to find the fun activities and art that we will create:

Our Activities:

Activity: One Colour Painting

Starter introduction to Abstract art with Guido Molinari.

Activity: Colour, Depth and Texture

Step 2 In our Introduction to Abstraction... The use of Colour and Texture to create Depth and Movement.

Activity: Shape without Form

Introducing shapes to represent specifics or a scene! How colour, depth and shape can create the idea of natural form without the use of realism.

Activity: This thing called Colour

The joys of the Colour wheel!

Activity: Warming to Cool-er

The Difference between warm and cool colours!        

Activity: Looking to the Horizon

Definition and use of the Horizon Line.

Water and Colour

Creating water with Watercolours.

Getting a Perspective

General introduction to Perspective


An art history discussion of early Canadian art

 New Birth

An art history discussion on the theme of birth

 Done Dog

The tutorial and final product of my Dog in Warm/Cool

The Pepper

A tutorial in Charcoal as well as photographs and photo altering.

 Guest Post and a Gah!

A link to my tutorial on creating a Book Tote for School

 The BOOOO Book!

A quick tutorial on how to cover a book and make it your own.

 A costume: My little Lamb!

A tutorial on how to knit an easy lamb hat

Some of My Art :) :

So I decided I should post some of the stuff I've done in my off time (Which isn't very often with a 4 month old LOL), but here's a start... as I create more I will keep posting more here :)

 Here's a Drawing I did today (July 25, 2011). It's not a great image of it, I may try to scan it later instead of taking a picture of it. I haven't totally decided if it's done or not, sometimes I go back and add a little more. But I'm kind of liking it...

Keep Creating!!