Monday, October 3, 2011

The BOOOO Book!

YAY! Tutorial!!!!!!! Today I was sitting in my living room wanting to do a Halloween inspired craft... and I decided on refurbishing a dollar store note book that I had on hand :). 

What you need (or more like what I used): Notebook, Magazines, Scrapbook paper and origami paper... You can use ANYTHING! Have fun with it!!

 I used a piece of scrapbook paper to cover the book fully... I think the pictures explain it pretty well :) :

Step 1
 Fold the paper over the edges of the book so the book can close. (this is important, you WANT THE BOOK TO BE ABLE TO BE CLOSED!) lol

Step 2
 I made two small slices in the top so that the cover will lay nicer then it's all folded.

Step 3
 Glue the outer edge down! (This is optional, if you are wanting to remove the cover don't to this!)

Step 4
 Fold the top and bottom edge in between cover and book (this allows it to lay nicely and be moveable)

Step 5
 DECORATE!!! I used orange paper and Black (from a magazine image) and cut out fun designs.

Step 6: Halloweenish decor!
 YAY Halloween LOL!

Step 7
 Once I had the decorations done that I likes, I decided I wanted to write something on the cover instead of putting more designs on it.

Final Product!!!
Well, not a very in depth or hard tutorial, but fun none the less.... now I think I'll use it for planning all my fun halloweeny stuff!

Until Next Time!
Keep Creating!!

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  1. Yay! And it's getting used too. :-)

    (Yes, very far behind on blog reading).