Friday, September 30, 2011

Little Bo Peep...

Has a baby sheep LOL.

BABY SHEEP! LOL found at this site!
So I think I've decided on what we are going to have for Halloween costumes! The decision is mostly due to the fact that I don't have quite enough time to build a costume for all three of us and this costume is the easiest.

So the decision is... drum roll please.... Little Bo Peep. LOL

Bo Peep, classic image found HERE!
So I will be Bo-Peep, my now 7 month old daughter will be my adorable little sheep, and my husband will be the farmer. His is easiest... Black Shirt, Jeans, Boots and maybe Suspenders!! (And an Amish style hat if I can find it!) My daughter's costume should be easy enough to make... a white fuzzy onesie and a hat...

Sheep/Lamb hat found at Ravelry!
I'm thinking of making this adorable hat!!! What do you think??

I think I have enough time to make the hat. My Crochet skills may not be that great but I think I can make due (especially with a month to make it!)

For myself I'm torn between buying something to start the costume with and making it from scratch! I will keep you posted as this develops.

I would LOVE to hear what costume ideas you have!

So Until Next Time!!
Keep Creating!

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Gnomey Tuesday

Yay Treasury Tuesday. I don't know if this will become a thing but it's something for today (well, in half an hour it's wednesday but who cares LOL ). With Halloween on the brain one of my costume ideas was a Gnome family (I've watched too much Gnomeo and Juliet of late)... my husband has the appropriate beard and I thought it'd be super cute to see monkey in a gnome outfit!

So here's some AWESOME Gnomey FINDS!!!!

'Gnome for you!' by Sylvanfire

Am totally inspired by Gnomeo and Juliet! I have gnomes on the brain!!!

If Gnomes Were Following You

Wee Gnome. Miniature Woodlan...

Gnome Art, Gnome Daffodil Fl...

Bad-Assed Biker Gnome Shirt ...

Gnome Wall Hanging Home Swee...

Gnome Garden Digital Collage...

Multicolored Pixie/gnome bon...

Gnome stitch markers with re...

Woodland Gnome Onesie Baby S...

Gnome Sweet Gnome Art Print

Gnome & Dachshund-Toddler T ...

Gnome Socks pattern

Gnome and mushrooms Vinyl De...

Happy Birthday Gnome Greetin...

Garden Gnome - Fun Green Poi...

Bertie the Teeny Tiny Gnome ...

I hope you think they're as cute as I do!!! I especially love the Gnome riding the Dachshund shirt and the one that says "Bad to the Gnome" LOL!!!

Until Next time!!!
Keep Creating.
Angie :)

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Sewing Arts

"I think being an artist is about following your own way, and having the courage to be who you are and what you are. To have self-knowledge ... that deep, dark discovery of self, part of which is maturing, part of which is creating wholeness." Joyce Wieland, Canadian Artist

"Reason over Passion" by Joyce Wieland, art quilt.
With the coming of October every year the big thing I think about it preparing for HALLOWEEN! One of the biggest holidays with my friends, I usually try to make my outfits. This year I plan on making an outfit for me, my daughter and my husband. Which means I really have to get started! LOL. I will definitely give you more information on this as the month progresses.

The Major thing that's been in my mind lately is sewing. Getting my sewing machine out and starting to create! I love how a simple piece of fabric can become something so amazing and magical. It's been a few years since I've actually made costumes. Last year I got married on Halloween so I spent the whole month making my hair. (My mom had made the outfit)

Me and my husband. The hair was made from black and white yarn wrapped around eachother. I used the tutorial off of YouTube by 2gbland Part 1 and Part 2
The last time I made my whole costume was in 2008 when we went out to a halloween party at Bingemans in Kitchener. This is what I made:

For all you gamer geeks out there I was TOTALLY obsessed with Tira and Soul Calibur and absolutely loved the costume idea. If I had more time I totally would have made the hat and the circle blade as well, but as usual time got away from me, but it was LOTS OF FUN anyway.

In thinking of creating stuff with fabric I decided I should share with you some Canadian Art focusing on Fabric! The piece at the top is by an artist named Joyce Wieland (she also said the awesome quote I started with), she was an amazing artist with a large variety of skills, but she really helped the contemporary movement take flight. Especially in bringing the idea of Canadian national identity and being a pioneer in bringing forth feminist issues at a time when artists were mostly male.
True Patriot Love by Joyce Wieland
I really do love her work! I also believe she is a great inspiration of Canadian Female Artists.

So hopefully you will be inspired to create something with fabric and sewing, even if it's just your children's Halloween costumes!

Until Next Time!
Keep Creating!!
Angie :)

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Sick Week

So it's official fall, and with fall we get... COLDS!

This is from Deviant Art by an artist called Axel-Desu I thought it was cute and had to share!!!
Yes, the dreaded cold has struck my house leaving me with a headache and a sniffly baby. To make matters worst she is a drool monster so we think she's definitely teething now!!! It's hard to find time to write ANYTHING let alone do a craft or art project when dealing with a sick six month old. Booooo!!!!

That being said I'm really hoping to resume my posting in the next day or two! Until then I will leave you with an ADORABLE picture my husband took with my camera!

The hat was made by me :) from a pattern I found off of Ravelry! I'm fairly new at knitting and was excited to have this hat work out so well!!! And of course you can see what I mean when I say drool monster LOL :)

Until next time.
Keep Creating

Sunday, September 18, 2011


OMG! Is all I have to say. I've been LOVING the amount of pumpkin stuff on fellow blog sites and even etsy!! I have a love of everything pumpkin and halloween... this is obvious to friends of mine who were at my Halloween masquerade ball wedding last year!

My wedding centerpieces!
So I decided to show you a bunch of Pumpkin stuff for you to be inspired by too!!!

Awesome pumpkin by All In A Day!
First off is this awesome pumpkin by All In A Day... you should check her post out here!! I love the fact that it's not your typical orange.... it reminds me of a black and white movie.

Polka dots by Darling Doodles!
I loved the dottage by Darling Doodles... I so have to try this with my own pumpkins! :) You can find the post Here!! I have a soft spot for anything polka dots!!!!

Punk-in by The V Spot!!
The little punk in me fell in love with this pumpkin as soon as I saw it!!! OH THE SAFETY PINS CALL TO MY HEART!!!! lol.... You can find the V Spot's post HERE!

I also decided to make an AWESOME Pumpkin treasury on Etsy!! So many amazing pumpkins for me to love and covet!!!

'Pumpk-inspiration!' by Sylvanfire

Everything Pumpkin!

The Pumpkin Brothers - Mr. M...

Orange Pumpkin Necklace Bras...

MINI Hand Blown Glass Pumpki...

Shabby Chic decorative pumpk...

Child Pumpkin Hat - Baby, In...

White Pumpkin Photograph, Th...

3 Handmade Little Knit Pumpk...

Fall Pumpkin Place Card Hold...

Halloween Pumpkin Face Decal...

Whimsy Autumn Pumpkin - Scr...

Smoky brown velvet pumpkins....

Jack O Lantern Pumpkin - Hal...

Fall Wedding pumpkin Flower ...

Three Autumn Pumpkins Handma...

witch hat pumpkin, little ha...

Green Pumpkin Necklace Long ...

So I hope you are all inspired by the awesomeness that is the 'Kin!!! :) Now to start creating my own!!! MUWAHAHAHAHAHAHA <--- evil maniacal laughter

Until next time!
Keep Creating
Angie :)

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Guest Post and a GAH!

So yesterday was my first guest post posted at my friend Gillian's amazing site: Craftzilla conquers the world!! I got to make a beautiful Book Tote with a friend of mine and we posted the activity in Gillian's Back To School bonanza LOL :)

Our awesome book tote!
You can find the tutorial and my guest blog HERE!!!

Now for the Gah... well yesterday morning I was in the middle of writing this post and my internet went down! Booo.... We actually had to get a whole new modem! Bigger Boooooo!!! So I just got back online now!

I'm hoping to have another post for you some time later tonight or tomorrow!

Until then!
Keep Creating