Friday, September 30, 2011

Little Bo Peep...

Has a baby sheep LOL.

BABY SHEEP! LOL found at this site!
So I think I've decided on what we are going to have for Halloween costumes! The decision is mostly due to the fact that I don't have quite enough time to build a costume for all three of us and this costume is the easiest.

So the decision is... drum roll please.... Little Bo Peep. LOL

Bo Peep, classic image found HERE!
So I will be Bo-Peep, my now 7 month old daughter will be my adorable little sheep, and my husband will be the farmer. His is easiest... Black Shirt, Jeans, Boots and maybe Suspenders!! (And an Amish style hat if I can find it!) My daughter's costume should be easy enough to make... a white fuzzy onesie and a hat...

Sheep/Lamb hat found at Ravelry!
I'm thinking of making this adorable hat!!! What do you think??

I think I have enough time to make the hat. My Crochet skills may not be that great but I think I can make due (especially with a month to make it!)

For myself I'm torn between buying something to start the costume with and making it from scratch! I will keep you posted as this develops.

I would LOVE to hear what costume ideas you have!

So Until Next Time!!
Keep Creating!

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  1. awww thats cute, I was thinking of being the same. bo peep, my 1 year old a sheep and dh a farmer... but hes more into looking scary so we're going for lil red riding hood and the big bad wolf. I think the hat is a good idea but it'll take a while to make. Maybe you should make some really cute ears, sew or glue them on one of her beanies, then just stick a bunch of cotton balls on the hat. But be sure to put the tear drop ears low on the beanie (you don't want her looking like a teddybear when shes a little lamb!) lol