Monday, May 26, 2014

Photography Business

Hey everybody,

So I haven't been around (as two little ones tend to keep be pretty busy) but I'm trying to set up a home business... Yup I'm another photography mom! The difference is I have a fascination with different things as well, including Cosplay Photography and Staged Photography, as well as costume creation. So hopefully that will have some more of my art and costuming on it as well.

What this means... well in time I will have a site up. At that time this blog may change it's name, or no longer be running (which I will then link to the new one :) ) also it'll mean that soon I will be getting a lovely watermark for all my images. WOOT!

Until then I'll keep you all posted, but here's an image I took at a recent maternity shoot.

So soon I should be on again, until then keep creating.