Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Sick Week

So it's official fall, and with fall we get... COLDS!

This is from Deviant Art by an artist called Axel-Desu I thought it was cute and had to share!!!
Yes, the dreaded cold has struck my house leaving me with a headache and a sniffly baby. To make matters worst she is a drool monster so we think she's definitely teething now!!! It's hard to find time to write ANYTHING let alone do a craft or art project when dealing with a sick six month old. Booooo!!!!

That being said I'm really hoping to resume my posting in the next day or two! Until then I will leave you with an ADORABLE picture my husband took with my camera!

The hat was made by me :) from a pattern I found off of Ravelry! I'm fairly new at knitting and was excited to have this hat work out so well!!! And of course you can see what I mean when I say drool monster LOL :)

Until next time.
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