Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Activity: One colour painting!

In this activity we are going to start with a very easy abstract exercise. You can use paint (of any colour) and paper (or canvas/board), and/or any other material that you may wish to use instead. (One of my friends did this with Cardboard of different colours, Paper, and Glue) 

 "Two Oranges" Guido Molinari 1963

"Black/White 1956" Guido Molinari 1967

We are going to look at two different Molinari pieces... “Two Oranges” from 1963 and “Black/White 1956” from 1967. The nice thing with these pieces is they’re open ended... what do I mean about this? Well they are not set in stone, they are something that anyone can do and they are an easy concept but allow for large amounts of variation.

 Supplies : Paint, Brush, Board and Water

In order to create any of these you can start with a base colour (if you want your base colour to be white all you need to do is leave the canvas or paper white... why waist paint J ). I like to choose the colour (or colours, there is nothing stating you have to stick with one) and paint the WHOLE BOARD that colour... it doesn’t have to be fully coloured and it doesn’t need to be thick. 

Once the board is painted you can either use a paper to help as a straight edge, or a fun alternative is painter’s tape. If you use painter’s tape you can lay the tape any way you choose. This will keep the colours under the tape the base colour. Then paint over the painter’s tape and everything on the board.
Again you don’t need to stick to the same colour, but if you do it will resemble the concept of “Two Oranges” by creating darker and lighter versions of the same colour across the board. If you decide to put the tape (or use a straight edge and free hand the lines) in different angles the result will be more similar to “Black and White 1956”.

 I used a paper as a straight edge to create the corners and then added more blue!

This is a fun and easy exercise to explore the use of paint as a medium. If you use different colours you will start to see the effects of combining colours and creating new colours from them. Start with a few colours and expand if you want to further explore this idea. 

 Just letting it dry, I use newspaper underneath so I don't make a mess and a paper to help with the lines in the middle.

 Finished Product: Blue and You :)

So go and try your creations and feel free to let me know how they come!
Have fun creating!
Angie :)

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