Sunday, September 4, 2011

Done Dog :)

So I finally managed it... it's COMPLETE!

Yup, I've finished the Warm/Cool image of my dog Tank!!!! WOOT!!!

So here it is!!...
Initial Sketch

 I started by creating an Initial Sketch on the Canvas I was going to use! I used a picture of my dog Tank in order to create the initial sketch.


 After the initial sketch was done I started to put on the colours in order of Cool at the furthest points to the Warmest Colours closest... Here are the progressive images:

Purple, then Red (and Pink), then Orange

Completed Head

Once the main object, in this case my dog's head, was complete I started adding shades of Black to the background. I try to get different patterns in the black and different shades of grey so that it creates variation in the background.

Putting in the background

Completed Head!!!
 So this is the finished product!! If you want a more detailed explanation of the creation of this image you should check out my older post Warming to Cool-er. I think this turned out fairly well!! You may also notice that the images were better further down, YAY new camera. I've started a smaller version of this but I'm thinking of doing it with paint instead of collage... I wonder how it'll turn out :)!!!

I hope it was worth the wait!! :)

Until Next Time!!!
Keep Creating



  1. Such a great craft idea. Love it.

  2. Hello! I just found you from FTLOB. I LOVE this painting!! Well done!!!

  3. @ Sinea Pies: Thanks! I had a lot of fun making it!

    @ Shannon: Thank You.. It's actually made of collage, I used colour swatches I found in magazines!