Wednesday, September 7, 2011

First days!

So all the little kids are back to school... and so am I. But instead of school it's work. Pooey! Yesterday was my first day to work in a full year, and the first time I'm getting paid to work in a Day Care LOL. Usually my life consists of volunteering in my friends Day Care but being she has finished school last year and now working at an actual center I decided to apply there. And guess what!! I'm working in her room with her... yay Day Care Assistant. It's kinda nice being back at it, but I do miss my monkey and my dog. My husband, the wonderful man that he is, is watching her during the day. Poor sleep deprived husbands whom I love very much.

I got a new Camera! (On a totally unrelated topic) I bought it off my brother! It's a NIKON D40... and I'm falling in love with it. Awesome thing I found out is my flash that I had for my MINOLTA SLR film camera works AWESOME for this new Digital. I have entered the digital age! YAY!

Who wouldn't miss this face!

My sucky puppy!
So, being I'm back to work I may adjust what I post and when I post it. I don't think a daily schedule (Which is what I would love to do) will work with my life schedule. So I'm thinking of doing a few regular things... like maybe Tuesday Treasury's, Wednesday Life Updates (Pics included), Friday Arts... Maybe Saturday or Sunday something or others LOL. I also know I'm not great at updating most weekend... too much to do aside from sitting at the computer... but I'm gonna try and put something (even a progress on the next activity) up.

Bare with me over the next few weeks and I'll hopefully have a few fun things up as soon as I finish them! YAY!

So Until Next Time!!!
Keep Creating!

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  1. Congradulations on your new job and your new to you camera!! Both have steep learning curves!!
    I know you will love the both of them.

  2. Hooray for digital! Good luck with all your new adjustments.

  3. Such cute photos! Enjoy your new camera and your new job :o). Thank you for sharing!

  4. Yay for your new camera!! How exciting!! Glad you were able to find a job that is exciting and works with your schedule!! I can definitely see why you would miss that sweet face!! What a doll!