Thursday, September 1, 2011

New Birth

I'm sorry that I haven't written for a few days. I had a sick husband and a fussy baby, so every free moment was taking care of one of them or me passing out for a few minutes LOL :). But in the stress of everyday life we had great news today, one of our friends had their baby girl!! YAY!! New BABY! So that got me thinking about birth, rebirth and new beginnings. There have been a lot of new beginnings lately. The birth of my daughter, new job prospects, my husband starting a new job, the start of this website and a whole bunch of other things. Some of these new beginnings have been met with resistance while others have been embraced with open arms.

In honour of all the new births I decided that we should look at a bunch of works that express motherhood, new birth and beginnings.... So here they are!!

Maman by Louise Bourgeois
The first piece that came to mind when talking about birth and new beginnings is this amazing Sculpture by Louise Bourgeois. Inspired by the artists mother, a tapestry restorer, this egg carrying spider is both nurturing, protective and imposing. I love the juxtaposition of the idea of motherly love as being both caring to some and frightening to others.(I apologize to all those unsettled by spiders!)

A Girl by Ron Mueck
Another amazing piece is this one called "A Girl" by Ron Mueck. An Australian sculpture artist he creates these fantastic pieces of work out of scale. This sculpture is 110.5 x 134.5 x 501 cm so when you convert that into feet (for some reason I can picture it better in feet) it's apx 3 x 4 x 16 feet. It's HUGE!! I love all the ideas you can get out of this representation... how something actually so small can be such a LARGE impact on your life. The GIANT responsibility. The INDESCRIBABLE emotions that this little thing can bring to your life.

Although neither of these artists are Canadian, both pieces can be found at the National Gallery in Ottawa Ontario! I highly recommend going and seeing these amazing sculptures, they are even more impressive in person.

How do you feel about these pieces??

I hope you find awe and inspiration in their creation. Whether they talk to you on a personal level (which is happening at this stage of my life), or not I, would love to hear what you think about them. Or even works you may use to represent your own New Beginnings.

Until Next Time.
Keep Creating


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