Monday, August 29, 2011

Fun Art and Exploration!

Well, we TOTALLY got side tracked this weekend. Everything I planned on doing got thrown out the window for Rib Fest on Saturday and Fan Expo on Sunday. Now I won't talk about all the succulent food I ate on Saturday being that's not very art related. Instead I want to talk about the awesomeness that is Fan Expo! If you are anything Geeky (like I will grudgingly admit LOL) then Fan Expo is the place for you! It's a collection of everything a good geek will love! Sci Fi, Anime, Comics, Gaming and Horror (although I'm not big on the Horror part), All in one easy to get to venue LOL!!!

Fan Expo Canada!!! WOOT!
This was Violet's first Con... at 5 and 1/2 months that's not hard to expect! She was a well behaved monkey and got to have her first celebrity experience. While walking around we briefly met Marina Sirtis better known as Dianna Troy from Star Trek the Next Generation. She went "ooo, so cute!" We smiled and said "Thanks", and as we got further away I told my husband who she was. He's never been great at recognizing people. We kind kicked ourselves for not going back and asking for a pic, but that's all good. I figured she was just as busy as everyone else there.

Marina Sirtis
Aside from the celeb-fest, which included us missing a lot of Celebs and not seeing very many LOL. There is a whole area called Artist's Gallery! This is an AMAZING section where comic, sci fi and generally anyone artsy (usually with a geeky or alternative theme) can set up booths. I wanted to share some of the AMAZING art that we found there!!
Danielle Storey Illustrations
The first artist who created this beautiful piece is a young lady named Danielle who is currently going to Sheridan Collage in Toronto! Check out her site HERE! And she has a Blog HERE!!
Imaginism Studios, this piece is by Kei Acedera
I fell completely in love with the works by these artists. Often a slight fairy tale theme, their stuff completely captures the imagination! I will TOTALLY have some of their work in my house once I get a house!!! Check out their site HERE!

Mike Boldt
I love this Giraffe!! This guy has some AMAZING art that is completely storybook worthy! I am DEFINITELY planning on getting some stuff from him once Violet has her own room!! OOoooo I CAN'T WAIT!!! His site is HERE!! And his Blog is HERE!!!

The Art of Christina Delijanov
Oh how I LOVE these Marionettes! Another artist that I WANT her stuff!! This will not be stuff for Violet's room but more for me. Check out her Blog HERE!!!

Well, although I'm not any further ahead on any of my own art, at least I had a good dose of inspiration into other arts. What I realized?? I miss doing comic related art! I'm really thinking I should get back into doing my own stuff... other than just lesson plans. What do you think??

I hope you had a great weekend with lots of exciting inspiration too!!

Keep Creating!
Angie :)

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