Friday, August 26, 2011

Creative Expectations

So I have a fun filled weekend planned with visiting friends, eating too much food and generally enjoying the weekend to the fullest before the summer is officially over. There are a few Crafty and Artsy things though that I really am hoping to accomplish, and is usually more possible when my husband is home to watch the baby :).

Acrylic Paint


My poor acrylic paints have been needing to be replaced, and it has finally happened! The red paint is now solid all the way through. Not so good for painting but may be an interesting sculpture if I can manage to cut the tube and take it out in one piece. (Knowing my luck, when I do this there will be paint EVERYWHERE! Who needs kids to make a mess LOL)

Hardware Store
2) YAY Trip to the hardware store!

I have a beautiful old baby chair (more a kid chair) that needs a good uplift. I am hoping to buy some sand paper, spray paint and tack paper (the kind in rolls that you can paint around and remove, like stencil-less stencils). My plan is to turn this into a butterfly extravaganza!!! This will be done in Purples, Blues, Greens, Yellows and maybe some (shudder) PINK... I'm not a big fan of pink but with a little girl it is unavoidable.

Tank the dog!
3) Work on my Warm/Cool Tank image!

I really need a few hours of uninterrupted time to finish this image. It's about half way done but has been difficult to finish with a 5 month old who's teething and not sleeping well. Hopefully I will find some time this weekend to finish this.

4) Create a few more LESSONS!!

Once I have the paint I will be able to create a few more lessons. YAY! It's very limiting without paint in the house, especially being drawing don't show up very well
when photographed.


I just got a fancy new camera from my brother :). So I'm hoping to take it out for a little stroll and take some pretty pictures around the area and at the stuff we are going too!! Here's hoping my plan works out!!.

With this list of 5 things I'm REALLY hoping to complete some of them. Knowing my luck that may not happen, but I'm going to try my hardest!!

What are your plans for the weekend?? Any crafting or creating artistic masterpieces??

Keep Creating!
Angie :)

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