Monday, August 8, 2011

What is your Artist Bestfriend??

I know, I don't usually title a post with a question but it's something I was thinking about today. I was working on a piece of art for our next activity and this thought just stuck in my mind... if you had to choose one piece of equipment to be your best friend what would it be?? Well, I think I've decided...
A handy dandy hair dryer!
A Hairdryer is my Artist Bestfriend!

I know, sounds weird hunh? Well, as someone who has all the patience in the world for some things and NO PATIENCE AT ALL for other things. My hairdryer has become the tool I'd be hard pressed to live without. The funny thing is... I hate drying my hair! Yup, I'm one of those that will hop out of the shower and leave it, put some gunk in it and maybe straighten it, but I will never use a hair dryer on my hair.

So my hair dryer lives in my craft supplies, which is a pile of boxes in the corner of our living room at the moment. It comes out of the box for most things, ESPECIALLY when I'm working on Collage or Acrylic Painting. Both of these mediums can take a bit to dry (even when they are fast drying) and when I'm done I want to do stuff with it IMMEDIATELY (see, told you I was Impatient). So out comes the handy dandy hairdryer to speed up the process.

So what would you consider your Artist Bestfriend??

Keep Creating!
Angie :)