Sunday, October 16, 2011

ZOMG Sheep!

So being my computer has been at the shop for the past week (and maybe next week *CRY*) I have been a bad blogger! I have, however, managed to find and put together MOST of my daughter's sheep costume for Halloween, and have started making mine. For mine I decided to buy some sheets on sale instead of picking up fabric... yay costume for 6 dollars!!!! I will post a how too once I'm done. I have also decided to make my costume more on the Mary had a little lamb idea instead of Bo Peep... What does this mean??

Mary Had a Little Lamb
Well instead of making a shepherdesses outfit (which I SOOOO don't have enough time to do) it's just a simple dress with a kerchief ! Which is So much easier. My husband is probably still going to be a farmer... Maybe I'll call him my Farmer in the Dale!! LOL!!!

I was going to post a Treasury on Etsy of all the fun Lamb/Sheep related stuff, but for some reason I'm having issues making the Treasury. Maybe I'll have a chance to do it by Tuesday. :)

So instead today I will just post some cute lamb crafts and stuff I found on Etsy and Online!!!

I found this cute Sheep tutorial online HERE! These are awesome easy crafts and they turn out SOOOooooo Cute!!!!

I found a cute Fimo Sheep but it won't let me post it here... but here's the Tutorial!

Rice ball Sheep!
Here are some ADORABLE rice ball sheep... find the Tutorial HERE!

Counting Sheep!
I found these on Etsy and had to share!!!! I love the fact that there's one Black Sheep... Find them HERE!!

Well, I will hopefully have a few posts this week (especially if I get my computer back!) and a couple of pics of costume prep and completion!!!! Hopefully you have been sheepishly inspired!! :)

Until Next Time!
Keep Creating!

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