Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Getting Setup

Oky, So I have my new computer all set up. CHECK
I have my drafting table CHECK

Now I'm just in need to two critical things to get going.... One is some way to organize all my stuff (I'm thinking drawers or bins or something) and the other is TIME.

Time is the main issue.... When I have a few moments I have the bad thing of playing Guild Wars 2 (I'm only LVL 10, but I'll get there) or watching shows at Geek and Sundry.

My favorite show's Table Top and I love getting caught up on it (But as a mom I am now a month behind... BAD MOM!)

I have to say I love Table Top so much that a few friends and I have bought some (most) of the games and keep trying the newest ones we watch.

Small world is one that after watching I ran out and bought... we've played it a few times and have had a blast each time!!

Oky, I admit, part of my love for table top is the fact that Wil Wheaton is part of it and I find him awesome! But other than that it has definitely resulted in me not putting aside my time to do art or get started on anything else... I think it's time well wasted.

Well, that's my little update.
Still planning on posting picks from Fan Expo and other monkey related stuff.

Until Next Time.

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