Monday, July 18, 2011

Canadian Art beyond the Group of Seven!

The Group of Seven have been the bane of my University Career. For as long as I remember (and I have been teaching art since gr. 7) if you asked anybody to name you their favourite Canadian Artist they will say Tom Thompson or one of the Group of Seven 9 times out of 10.

( Lawren Harris )

Why does this happen? 

Well, in school and in society people tend to find something that interests them and it encompasses their entire perspective. The Group of Seven have bombarded our visual and historical psyche since middle school, being one of the main artists anyone studies and one of the few taught in school. They have been the focus of Canadian Art forever and are some of the most publicized Canadian Artists. Propaganda has a lot to do with it (but I won’t get into that just now). This, however, doesn’t mean that we have to stick to this concept and keep the group of seven as our favourites or limit our knowledge to just them! We are all amazing artist and can expand our knowledge of other great Canadian Artists and then create an informed decision!

I will probably discuss techniques and theory behind the Group of Seven at some point but I will tell you plainly that they have never been one of my favourites. I also feel that they have been over discussed and so will try and talk about other lesser known artist. There are many great Canadian artists throughout the ages that have just as much to offer as the Group of Seven and I would love to explore some of them with you over time.

In my next post I am hoping to start showing some activities that are open ended and allow for all skill levels to experience Art and Canadian Art to its fullest. I am a strong believer that abstract art is one of the most versatile and open ended concepts available. I will probably start with an activity centred on abstract Canadian Art, more than likely Guido Molinari. If you wish to pre-emptive look up his work I will start you with one of my favourites. 

(Guido Molinari)

For now, keep creating!

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