Thursday, July 14, 2011

What is ART?

As my first post on this site I would like to start off with my definition of ART. This may not relate directly to the dictionary's version of art but more towards what you may expect to find on this site over time.


My definition of Art has always been fairly broad. I feel that art is anything that you create in order to express yourself. This can range from drawing and painting, to photography and digital media, to writing and literature. Anything that YOU feel is a visual expression of your thoughts, feelings, anxieties, loves, hates, etc... can be classified as art. Music is a form of art but I will not be discussing this aspect as much as the visual arts.

Who can do art?

In short... ANYONE and EVERYONE!

It is a falacy that art can only be created by a set few. You DO NOT need to be able to draw a straight line! You DO NOT need to have specific talents! If you live and breath you CAN do art!

Product vs Process!

I may put on tutorials. I may put up discussions... but ALWAYS remember. It's about process... NOT product! Your tree NEVER has to look like my tree... heck if you don't want a tree then don't put it in.

Art is about self expression! What this means is there's no right or wrong way to do art. Every person will do it differently because they are a different person. That's what keeps art, and the world, interesting and exciting. So have fun with it.! Enjoy making art and don't worry about how it turns out in the end.

History and YOU!

There are times I may do discussions on Canadian or popular artist. This will be done to enhance your knowledge of the art world and explore new things. I am hoping to have small activities after these discussions so you can try the techniques or the expression. Remember there is NEVER a right  and wrong way as long as you are having fun!!

So have fun and create!!

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