Saturday, July 30, 2011

Let's do Prep!

So I'm working hard on my next project. It will be lots of fun but it is quite time consuming. In order to have you ready to create when I get the next posting up I thought I'd give you a chance to get some of the supplies together first. As usual you don't have to follow my tutorial exactly and you can change your mind on the use of material and just stick to the concept. That being said, our next activity will be a discussion of Warm vs Cool colours. I will be making a collage piece so you will need to gather colours. Yup, I spent an afternoon just going through magazines and cutting/ripping out different colour swatches. You will need quite a bit and you will need the whole spectrum : Blue, Red, Yellow, Green, Purple, Orange. You will also need something to stick the cuttings onto and something to stick it on with. I used a canvas board and Modge Podge I like this because it dries clear (so you can put a bunch of layers on top of eachother as long as they aren't too thick) and it unifies the gloss (You can get Matte, or Glossy).

That being said I am hoping to have this up by Monday at the latest. (Weekends are so hard to get things done) Until then I thought I'll leave you with a few Awesome sites that have Tutorials on them that I love.

Curbly - An AWESOME DIY site... 

Craftzilla Conquers the World - This is a friends crafty Blog.. check her out, she rocks!!

Not Martha :Marble Magnets  - This is a cool Tutorial on Marble Magnets.

Jonathan Fong Style :Warhol Kitchen - This guy is amazing, if I had my own house I would TOTALLY do something like this, (maybe not with Warhol though lol)

Have fun checking out these sites, and I'll see you back here by Monday :)!! 

So keep Creating!
Angie :)

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