Saturday, August 13, 2011

My Boring Walls

So I've been staring at my walls lately. One of the things I hate about living in rental units is the inability to paint the walls. I know I could probably paint them if I really wanted to but I really don't want to have to re-paint them when I move out. I also don't seem to live in one place for more then a few years, and am hoping to buy a house in the next 5years (every year I say that... we'll see if it happens lol). So when I actually BUY a house then I will DEFINITELY paint my walls.

Being I'm in a bit of a house mood today I've decided to look for inspiration for something to create in my house through the National Gallery's Website again (as I've said before, this is one of my favourites). What I found (which completely suprised me) is a bunch of painted walls that were installed in the gallery, brought to the gallery or purchased and removed from the original house to bring to the gallery. Imagine that, REMOVING a wall in a house to install it in a gallery space. So neat!

"Mr. and Mrs William Croscup's Painted Room" 1846-1848
My first one is a wall from the Croscup Room. This is a room that was painted in the 1800's in Karsdale, Nova Scotia. What's neat is that it was an unknown artist commisioned by the family, but the detail and subject matter of the walls is remarkable. I love these walls! Imagine having them painted in a study or sitting room. With the right decor they would be beautiful!

The next one I loved was called Figure Paintings by Garry Neill Kennedy in 1984. It is something I'd never do in a house but made me laugh when I saw it...  What do you think??

"Figure Paintings", 1984, Garry Neill Kennedy
The last one I was looking at from the gallery site was called Green Room from 1995 by Wanda Koop. This one was a series of canvas images installed on Green Painted walls. I always am impressed at how much a gallery space will let you do for the sake of art.

"Green Room", 1995, Wanda Koop
After looking at the Gallery site I decided I should see what other people were doing as Wall Art, just so I can start getting inspiration for when the time actually comes (Sometimes you need years of planning lol). Well, I'm madly in love with the site Curbly if you haven't checked it out yet. An amazing source of DIY inspiration for your home :). On this site I found an AMAZING idea for all you book lovers out there...

Isn't it awesome! You need a good hand and a passage from a book that you love (or a chapter or a poem). But this is TOTALLY doable by anyone with some time, patience and inspiration to create. You should check out the short post on it at Curbly as well as her Blog about it. Two thumbs up for such a creative piece!

Well, I hope these have helped you think Creatively in your home!
Until Next time!
Keep Creating!
Angie :)


  1. Very cool... I do own a house, but somehow I've still left the walls "builder beige"! One of these days I'll get around to doing something creative with them. When you buy your home you'll have to share what you do with the walls (I'm sure it'll be more creative than mine!)

  2. That figure wall is so odd! But I do love the book walk next to the stairs. Choosing a book would be so difficult!

  3. Popping by from Comment Love day and loved this post. How inspiring. It's making me stare and my walls and think...hmmm. It's not a rental, so maybe I need to get creative. ;)

  4. @brianandhilary620 I will definitely post what I do when I finally get walls that I can attack with Creativity!
    @Jessica I would have to think long and hard what to write on a wall.
    @Lydia I would love to see what you create :) Sending me a pic if you can! I love seeing what other people are inspired to do!

    Keep Creating!

  5. I do love the passage wall.

    Though if I probably looked at it long enough I'd probably get dizzy. LOL

  6. @Remy, Yeah the wall can be pretty dizzying... maybe bigger writing would help. :)