Tuesday, August 2, 2011

The Process!

So after a weekend of creating the last piece we did I decided today to try and update the look of the site a little. This being said, I won't be having an activity to do today. (I know you are all crying inside :) ). Instead I've decided to talk a little about my ever present saying "Process vs. Product". This is an important concept to me and is very important when working with young children, and those with special needs.

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The meaning of Process vs Product is quite simple. It's about having fun Creating art and Doing the art instead of worrying about the final product. What you make is not important, it's how you do it, and why you do it. When you are working with children and those with special needs you need to emphasize that they may not be able to reproduce your work, and that it is ok and perfectly acceptable. If they feel they need to reproduce then they are not creating. If I wanted just plain reproductions of my work I'd get prints done, not teach others to make it.

What I usually tell my student (of all ages and abilities) is: "Make mistakes, make things different... art is about YOU and how YOU make it." Always emphasis the need and desire to have fun creating. Art can be used in many ways! As therapy, as stress relief, to help understand and solve problems. I've seen art used with autistic children who couldn't express their emotions but could draw you how they were feeling and what they were feeling. I've met adults with disabilities use art to reduce stress and anxiety. I have worked with the elderly creating art to help them socialize and meet other people.

There are a lot of benefits of art, and if you force everyone to create in one way these benefits would be loss. Instead lets all create for creating, not to make anything specific, but to just have fun making things. Use art, and don't stress about it. It is supposed to be fun and if it's not then you need to re-think how you are doing it.

I Love creating. I love the making of something, the getting my hands dirty, the destruction of my tables from the sheer amount of stuff I have strewn about to create things. I love taking my time and doing fine detail, just as much as I love making something that's bold and simple and takes me minutes! I want you to love it as much! To enjoy the artists that I will talk about, take their lessons and grow from it. Try new things with your art and see what happens!

Have fun creating!!
Angie :)

*Image from Art Supplies in Melbourne

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