Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Scheduling a Schedule

Wow that title looks wierd... ever notice how some words the longer you stare at them the less sense they make. I've just had that with the word Schedule... no matter how many times I write it it just doesn't seem to make sense. I'll stare at it trying to make it into a word and not just a jumble of letters and no matter how hard I try it seems to escape me. Anyway, this is slightly off topic so lets get started.

My Family :) Silly fun with the Camera!
Here's a pic of my family... I know, I'm still off topic! Well, this is the reason I'm home and why I love doing art! Yup, it's so I can stay sane when dealing with the insanity of my household LOL. My husband works afternoons (which is why most of my posts are in the evening, after a monkey goes to bed) and why I tend to get distracted at times. An example of me getting distracted is this paragraph LOL. Oh I've also joined For the Love of Blogs and have entered this pic in the Family Portrait (click on this link, vote for me) competition! :) I know, this just goes to show you how unconventional I am lol!

With my want and need to post daily on this site (partially to try and get some sort of traffic here, and partially because it's my escape during my daughter's nap times) I've been thinking I need a schedule. I haven't decided if I want one that's daily specific or just a general conceptual layout. I've been looking at some other sites and I worry about this one becoming either too school like, or too personal. I don't think either are bad I just can't decide where I want to keep it. I think we will just have to keep going and it will work it self out on it's own.

I'm hoping to have a new activity/lesson post up tomorrow. YAY! As long as my daughter cooperates(the little one in the pic lol) and goes to sleep at a decent time then this should be doable (the hard part with a 5 month old). I am also hoping to have a few (at least one lol) ready for the weekend being I will be gone to a wedding. (If anyone wants to guest blog please let me know!!)

At the moment I have about 10 activites/lessons and things of interest on the table (meaning I'm hoping to get to them). I can't decided if I should do things like: Activity Tuesdays and History Thursdays and such... or just keep going willy nilly. What do you think? Do you prefer to have a schedule of when I will be posting the next activity or should I just keep posting them randomly??

I've been having a lot of fun, however, looking through the National Gallery of Canada! They have A LOT of stuff online, heck they have most of their collection in digital format one way or another. You can search through it by year, style, location, etc... Lots of fun! I'll probably go through an informative blog at some point about my love of the Gallery's website and it's awesome tools for teachers and anyone interested in art.

Other than that I have a button!

Artsy You

Hopefully it works for you! Take it! Share it! Pass it on!!!

So keep Creating, Until tomorrow!! :)

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