Saturday, June 16, 2012


Well,  I have to start off with apologizing for being offline for so long. I could lie to you and tell you it has to do with some great and amazing thing... but it doesn't. It has to do with life.

With having a daughter who was almost one and going back to work, life had just taken over my ambition and will to be creative in any means. It's funny how tiring life can be when you aren't accomplishing anything extracurricular. You just deal and survive day to day. You enjoy your family and your friends, your new job (or old) and deal. You feel content. But there is always a slight nagging, a slight something in the back of your head poking your brain saying... "Hey!... I'm here when you need me!"

I think I need it...

I need to take the time to re-discover who I am, what I am and how my many conflicting interests can turn into one thing... So I bought a book.

Yeah, I know. You're groaning on the other end saying "Oh, No... Not another one of those self help things". Well, it's not... really.

It's this book:

Find the awesome blog by Kelly Rae Roberts HERE!

So now that I've got the book... I started reading it. I'm only about 14 pages into the book and she has mentioned a few times about creating a whisper journal. What is a Whisper Journal?? It's a book where you can write down, store, paste or sort the ideas, thoughts, things, that are nagging you in the back of your brain. Those things that you keep pushing down and ignoring. Those things that keep bothering or nagging at you and you try to pretend they don't exist.

Being I am who I am, I have come to realize that I "SUCK" at journaling. I always have these grand dreams, thoughts, expectations, that I will start a journal and fill it with my thoughts and dreams and everything else in my life. And then I get about 3 days in and stop or forget or give myself an excuse why I can't find the 5 seconds to write anything down... and so I stop. I tell myself that this was another failed attempt and I pretend it doesn't exist.

I feel in someway I did that with this website. I had these grand ideas of creating a website that would be unique. That would help express my belief that art isn't limited to a few while still being an outlet for my need for a certain amount of academics within the site. When I hit a bit of a brain freeze, combined with my daughter getting to the age that she was getting into anything I left out, I stopped being able to find the time to be creative. And so started the spiral that ended with me only managing to get pictures I took posted and a few treasuries from Etsy. I so wasn't planning on creating a mom blog, I wanted an art blog and I was failing. I kept focusing on putting out content, I felt a need to expand my viewer base and focused too much ondoing what other sites wanted. I joined blog hops, I joined feeds, I re-configured thing into designs that others said would work. I started feeling frustrated about the whole thing. Then Christmas came and it gave me my excuse to stop.

So I've changed my mind about this site. Instead of being a site that tries to teach art, to teach accessibility and to teach how it all relates I'm am starting fresh. All the old posts will remain but from this point on we are starting new, with new ideas.

What I'm hoping to do is use this site to help me go through my creative journey. This will be my visible "Whisper Journal" as Ms. Roberts calls it. I warn you that this will be an up and down process, I may not even talk about art sometimes and that's okay. Instead of Artsy You being about me trying to show you how to be artsy... it will be more about me trying to figure out how I can re-discover creativity and maybe we will all end up artsy together.

I will be using this site in conjunction with a new board I just started on Pinterest and possibly Twitter a bit. (If the links don't work please let me know and I'll fix them).

So I hope you join me on this journey, wherever it may lead us.

Until next time.

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  1. I like the idea of a Whisper Journal - goodness knows there are tons of things that pop up in the back of my head. Thank *you* for the inspiration!