Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Inky Comics...

So, I've started to draw again. It has been years since I've truly sat down and drew something for myself... but it's actually managed to happen. (Although most of the time is during my lunch or slow days while on the phone at my job)

Pretty Pic of the X-Men from Marvel
 Last week I showed you a quick pic of a female "Wolverine" drawing I created.... I haven't had a chance to actually scan it at home but hopefully once I do I will manage to put it up.

In working on the image I have realized that I miss doing comic related art. So I've started a new pic (the rough outlines are below). Being my friends and I are planning on going to Fan Expo as Gender Swapped Marvel Characters... seemingly mostly variations of the Avengers (being that is the comic most of them have watched... le sigh...) I decided to draw a variation of Wolverine fighting Iron Man.... but it's a female Wolvy and a Female - Steam Punk Iron Man (Thanks to an AWESOME idea by my friend Ang)

Here's a rough sketch of the image... it's now in the process of being inked....

In inking my images... which currently is done with a ball point pen and nothing fancy. I decided to check out how the professionals Ink and Colour their comic images and came across this....

INKING BOOK Free (No Pics)

Inking Book, Actually purchasable from Amazon with Pretty Pictures and All
It's actually pretty interesting! It doesn't have any of the pictures he is discussing but it is very informative on the actual process and descriptions of inking a comic.

I'm now looking at continuing my experiments in drawing and inking (something I used to do a lot in highschool). I've noticed I've really missed it, I think in part I miss being a comic geek... being it's hard to afford a comic habit (especially being X-Men have been my favorites since my preteen's). Comic art is one of those few things that merge the geek and the artist together....

I've been thinking if I continue the Comic Art, which often turns into Costume Creation, and maybe add my love of Collage, Photography and Comic-like art together, I may have something truely unique....

Now I REALLY need to get my space together so I can start truly thinking and planning and especially CREATING!!!!

Until Next Time
Angie :)

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