Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Wolverine as a girl!

So Fan Expo is coming up in about a month... if you haven't realized this by now then you haven't been reading this blog close enough... :)

As I discussed last post, I'm seriously planning on being a female version of Wolverine for the Saturday (being I won't be as rushed, nor will I need to drive.... driving with Claws is a No-No LOL).

So as I tend to do, I drew a picture of a female wolverine in the way I was debating on portraying him/her.

This is a regular thing I tend to do. I will draw multiple versions of a haircut before going and getting it done. I will draw multiple versions of a costume before making it.... (Don't mind the pics, they were all taken with my phone at my desk... If I get a chance I'll scan the final image for better quality)

Final Drawing: Female version of Wolverine!
So I've never professed at being the absolute best drawer in the world, but I have been drawing comic characters on and off for 15 odd years. I have recently acknowledged that I really like the comic style body with a little bit of anime-ish facial features thrown in.

Below are the steps it took to draw this. This drawing was a doodle over 2 days at work (yeah, I have my slow moments just like everyone). So enjoy and let me know what you think of this as a costume for Fan Expo... do you think it'll be suitable???

Step 1: Pencil sketch... starting light ink.

Step 2: Inking continued

Step 3: General inking completed...

Step 5: Erase all pencil and start bolder inking

Step 6: Bold ink completed, now to add shadow and details.
Well, I hope you enjoyed the steps... this was drawn on a notepad with regular clicky-pencil and a general black pen.

Until Next Time
Keep Creating

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