Friday, July 13, 2012

Cupcakes and Geeks

So I've finished the 4th chapter in Taking Flight by Kelly Rae Roberts (I've linked this a few times, if you need the link just look at the previous blogs :) ) and it's called Finding the Sacred in the Ordinary. In this chapter she recommends taking pictures and finding the joy in things like: Cupcakes, Heart shapes found in nature, Someone opening the door for you.

Cupcakes by the Cakebox in Kitchener, ON
This is a really good idea but I don't think I've fully had a chance to explore all the possibilities that this can allow. So what this means?? I need to take the time to truly explore my idea of "Sacred" and what that means to me. I also need to figure out how I view that.... This alone may be a bit of a journey and may be re-visited every now and then, in order for me to see where it takes us. :)

So, instead of soul searching for my idea of "Sacred", being I'm at work and that may require a little bit more privacy than  my office, I'm going to have a bit of a geek out...


Yes that one word says everything... if encompasses my whole childhood and the interest that have become more and more prominent in my life since I've accepted my geekdom in general.

If you are a poor soul reading my blog who does not know about Marvel, I have two things to say... Go HERE!! and Have you been living under a Rock??? If you are offended then you can quick escape to HERE (Yes this is a link to the New York Times) LOL.

Anyone in the geek community will know that SanDiego Comic Con is going on right now... Le SIGH!!!... and all those involved in the community would love to go and wish we would actually manage to go up (or down respectively) but money is a HUGE ISSUE!!! So Marvel, the rocking company that it is, has set up a virtual coverage of the SDCC 2012. This link will bring you to the hub of a bunch of AWESOME things... especially the liveblogs, that are a totally rocking idea (you can read the completed ones on the link too).

On an un-related/related note you should check out the new Table Top episode... we are having a game night this weekend and maybe some of these games may become part of it!

What I think is funny when I have these moments of talking about how awesome things are, I feel like I'm some promoter... even though I am not involved in ANY of these products. I just love to talk about them LOL!

So, while I go and ponder the concept of Sacred, you can enjoy all the geekdom!

Until next time

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