Wednesday, July 11, 2012

The Geeking Of The Out!

So I'm starting to debate on costuming for Fan Expo!!!!!!! (Can you tell I'm getting excited)

I am really thinking of doing a Female version of a comic character.... mostly I'm planning on being a female "Wolverine" if I can figure it out in time. This would be done for the Saturday showing and the masquerade in the evening (If I can manage to get into it to see... no I'm not competing!).

I kinda liked this image of a female "clone" that marvel made... I would prefer if her hair was short and spiked more like his, but all in all it's pretty cool....

I'm debating on doing my costume more along the version of this....

OOoooooo Or this (yeah I just found it while surfing the internets.... lol)
So.... what I need.... Jeans: Blue or Black..... A black shirt (maybe one I can make look more like armour or something), shit kickers..... and a hair cut (which will be done tomorrow and may need a touch up before the actual Con!

YAY... so much fun!!!!!

Until Next Time

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