Tuesday, August 23, 2011

The Blahs in Blue

Today I'm having a serious case of the blahs... Had to go get some immunization boosters for my new job (being it's at a daycare) and they totally are making me feel yucky. I decided to at least "talk" about some sort of art anyway. In keeping with our interest in Colour in art I've chosen to veer off the path of Canadian artists and talk about the work of a very famous artist... Picasso.

Picasso's "Old Man with Guitar"
Now one of my favorite periods of Picasso is his Blue period, and being I'm feel a little in the dumps I find it suits my mood perfectly. If you remember back to our first lesson on One Colour Painting this would be within those parameters. Instead of doing pure abstract, Picasso managed to use the single colour to create a feel and emotion within the work. If the work (as in the guitarist above) was in different colours then it may not express such a feeling of melancholy.

I decided to use Photoshop (being my free copy will expire soon... so sad :( ) and alter one of the pics of Violet that I LOVE!

This is of Violet and me on our first days together... she was only 33 weeks gestation (so 7 weeks premature) and the hands and feet are a tattoo of my son Cole's, who we lost at 28days. So it's like my Angel and My Rainbow are in this pic together. I decided to clean up the image by making it monotone and gave it a warm purple-blue colour so that shows the mixture of joy and sorrow I was feeling. I had a really rough first week with her, mostly due to our past experience in a NICU... so I was elated and happy while still having anxiety attacks.

Okay... I'm being mushy and sappy. Hopefully I'll feel better tomorrow and actually manage to do a bit more on the projects I've started. So off to bed for me! :)

Until Later!
Keep Creating!


  1. What a sweetie!! Bless her!


  2. Thanks Kathy :) She is definitely a sweetie and our rainbow after the storm!

    Thanks for stopping by! :)