Tuesday, August 23, 2011

To be Creative

I've had a total FAIL on the whole being creative this weekend... I decided to take a bit of vacation from the internet partially due to a computer issue and partially to rejuvenate myself. This weekend I totally felt more like a Mummy (as is RARR!) than a Mommy... so I decided to create a treasury of awesome crafty stuff that was MUMMY mom related! I hope you love them as much as me!

'My Mummy!' by Sylvanfire

Some days all mom's feel more like a mummy then a mommy :)

Machine Embroidery applique ...

Mother's Day Card - Mumm...

I love my Mummy screenprint ...


Mummy to Be Halloween Embroi...

Halloween Mummy Girl and Boy

Are You My Mummy Gas Mask Pe...

Halloween Monster Mash Stitc...

4x4 Print - The Curse of the...

My Mummy Loves Me' Custo...

Ready To SHIP Hollywood Mons...

Frankenstein's Family Ar...

Lindo Amigurumi Bear Dressed...

Some Mummy Loves You

Mummy Love - Original Art Pr...

Mummys the word bag

Thank you Craftzilla for sharing this awesome tool with me, it made sharing this Treasury SO MUCH EASIER!!! If I had lots of money I'd buy ALL OF IT!!! Is it bad that I now have a WHOLE BUNCH of projects in my head that I want to make NOW and I haven't finished the one's I'm working on!?! I hope to have an update on the Tank warm/cool image tomorrow...

Oh!! Other update... I got a new CAMERA!!! WOOT... so hopefully my pics on here will look a bit nicer!

Another update! I got a job! It's only 2 days a week (which is MORE THAN ENOUGH with a 5 going on 6 month old), I'll be working at a daycare. YAY! So the idea of creating a posting "schedule" in the loosest of senses may be in order... I will keep considering and let you know where it leads me LOL.

So until next time...
Keep Creating!
Angie :)

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  1. I love the mummy bit, the mummy boy and girl, but really it all gets me!