Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Too many Cons, not enough time...

To those of you who know me, and some who don't, you will soon come to realize that I have a very LARGE geek streak! At times I tend to tone it down as well as I can (as in at "Work") but most of the time I am proud to be a little geeky, a little punk and a little bit everything else.

Today I have a big "Le Sigh" about not ever nearly having enough money in order to all the Geeky things I would love to do.

One of the big things is having to choose between Cons....

Yes I know, who goes to conventions (and if you don't know what that means, then shame on you). Well I do! My husband and I have an ongoing date (as in this year it will be SANS MONKEY!!! and even A HOTEL!!!!!!!) at Fan Expo! If you don't know all the amazingness of Fan Expo then go check it out! It is a menagerie of all things geeky... Including this year's top stars of Stan Freekin Lee, Patrick Steward and Kevin Smith... whom I'm really hoping to see in action at the Jay & Silent Bob Get Old performance if my budget can handle it. 

What I am "Le Sighing" about is the fact that Polaris is on this weekend and I wish I had it in my budget to go this year. Mainly for the fact that I have a slight *cough* thing for Wil Wheaton. I don't know what it is but I think I have a border line obsession... heck my husband even makes comments LOL. Now I am not the kind of person to go up to him and totally geek out but I just may.... Instead it's this ongoing thing...

A story... when I was little I was a huge Star Trek the Next Generation fan. My dad and I watched it religiously, and I was at that right age to have a total kid crush on Wesley Crusher. I know, pathetic, but what can you say to a kid.... As I was watching the Guild when I was pregnant with my daughter (being I wasn't allowed to work) I was totally fascinated by this jerk of a character called Fawkes. Low and Behold it's my old childhood crush.... When I found that out I TOTALLY freaked out. Now once discovering this I started following his blog and has since very much enjoyed everything he has come to create in a career and as a Geek Icon. I am now an avid watcher of Table Top and follower of his Twitter feed.

What this has to do with conventions??? Well, Mr. Wil Wheaton will be attending Polaris, and I so don't have an extra $100 for entry, and possibly pics, and parking, in my budget after planning for Fan Expo this year.

So I "Le Sigh" and someday, when it is meant to be, I will meet all those I find to be interesting individuals. Those who inspire me to enjoy and embrace all the different parts of me, from the artist, to the geek and so on.

Until next time...

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